The Analects of Confucius

by Confucius | Vintage © 1989 · 256 pages

Confucius. Talk about old school. I’ve waded through some of the arcane stuff from his classic "Analects" to bring us some highly practical wisdom for our 21st century lives. We'll take a look at a bunch of Big Ideas on the importance of being a passionate (and patient!) student of life while striving to do our best. Good stuff.

“For those who approve but do not carry out, who are stirred, but do not change, I can do nothing at all.”

~ Confucius from The Analects of Confucius

We’re going old school on this one.

Believed to be rockin’ it in the 5th/6th century BCE (around the same time as Lao Tzu and Buddha), Confucius was super passionate about learning and developing himself into the best person he could be according to the dictates of his classic society.

The book can get a little funny as Confucius goes into some detail on how to live properly according to ancient Chinese customs (don’t forget to wear the black silk on special occasions! :) but it’s packed with a lot of great gems.

I think you’ll appreciate the mining I’ve done for us and trust you’ll enjoy this quick tour of the classic book!

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