A Joseph Campbell Companion

Reflections on the Art of Living
by Joseph Campbell | Harper Perenniel © 1995 · 320 pages

Joseph Campbell occupies the Grandfather slot in my spiritual family tree and this book is an incredible collection of some of his most inspiring wisdom. In the Note, we'll explore a range of Big Ideas from what it means to (and how to!) follow our bliss as we rock our hero's journey to learning that we've gotta be willing to break some eggs if we want to make omelets (aka, we've gotta be willing to make mistakes as we grow!).

“So that’s what destiny is: simply the fulfillment of the potentialites of the energies in your own system.”

~ Joseph Campbell from A Joseph Campbell Companion

Joseph Campbell is awesome.

He sits in the grandpa slot in my spiritual family tree and he’s one of the few authors on whom I’ve written three Notes (check out the other Notes on Pathways to Bliss and The Power of Myth).

If you’ve seen the Bill Moyers PBS series, The Power of Myth, you know how incredible Campbell is—the glow in his 80+ year old eyes… the giddiness with which he talked about the spiritual truths. Simply amazing.

Alright. I can get all misty-eyed and ramble, but let’s just jump in and celebrate the man who brought us “the hero’s journey” and the wise, wise words: “Follow your bliss.”

I’ll share a bunch of Big Ideas with you here, and won’t even scratch the surface of this ridiculously densely-packed book of wisdom. If it resonates, me thinks you’ll love the book.

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Joseph Campbell

Mythologist, writer and lecturer.