The Power of Your Supermind

Great Cosmic Wisdom Explained in a Clear and Practical Way
by Vernon Howard | New Life Foundation © 1975 · 286 pages

How's your Supermind? Find out what Vernon's talking about and how to turn up your Supermind's power with this wisdom-packed Note. We'll explore everything from psychic spankings (codeword for suffering) to causes and effects and we'll see how detecting negativity is actually a very positive thing.

“Since it is necessary to select a single word to indicate the Higher Force covered in this book, I choose to call it Supermind. The definition of Supermind is not complex; it is quite simple. I mean the mental faculty which is above and beyond the conditioned human thought. It is the same thing as awareness, consciousness, esoteric thinking. It is what an Eastern mystic would call the silent mind, or what the New Testament calls the Kingdom of Heaven within. It is your true self. Quite simply, it is the force within every man that is as high above the ordinary mind as the sky is above the earth.”

~ Vernon Howard from The Power of Your Supermind

Vernon Howard is an amazing 20th century teacher.

You may not’ve heard of him, but he’s sold over 7 million books and brings an incredibly lucid, old-school, straight-to-the-point kinda energy to his great books.

I was originally introduced to his work by Tom Russell who runs (thx again, Tom!) and I *HIGHLY* recommend you check out the book if you’re diggin’ it.

There are way more Big Ideas in the book than I’ll be able to get to in this Note, so let’s jump straight in with some good news!

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About the author


Vernon Howard

Writer and teacher on the way out of human suffering.