The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance and Dreams
by Debbie Ford | Riverhead Books © 1998 · 184 pages

How's your shadow? (You know, that part of yourself you just don't like too much that you try to repress/ignore/etc.) Debbie Ford's great book is a classic at helping us shine some light on our dark spots and live more fully integrated, authentic, compassionate and creative lives and in this Note, we'll have fun looking at how to find the gold in the dark.

“Jung first gave us the term ‘shadow’ to refer to those parts of our personality that have been rejected out of fear, ignorance, shame, or lack of love. His basic notion of the shadow was simple: ‘the shadow is the person you would rather not be.’ He believed that integrating the shadow would have a profound impact, enabling us to rediscover a deeper source of our own spiritual life. ‘To do this,’ Jung said, ‘we are obliged to struggle with evil, confront the shadow, to integrate the devil. There is no other choice.’”

~ Debbie Ford from The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

This book rocks.

We’ve talked about our “shadow” in many of these Notes. If you want an incredible overview of it, this is the book to get. It’s a short, quick read packed with *REALLY* powerful exercises to help discover and embrace those aspects of ourselves we’d rather ignore. Highly recommend it! (And, if you’d like to learn more, check out Debbie’s new film “The Shadow Effect” at!)

Like many of my favorites, this book is basically one long quote. I literally could have written the Note with Big Ideas from Chapter 1 alone. So, let’s jump in. :)

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