Conscious Living

How to Create a Life of Your Own Design
by Gay Hendricks | HARPER © 2001 · 278 pages

Gay Hendricks is a close friend and mentor of mine who encourages us to create a life of our own design as we enjoy the magic that unfolds when we truly commit to living an extraordinary life. In this Note, we'll explore Ideas on how to get our conscious living on including letting go of the past and the importance of having *both* goals AND moment to moment flow.

“At its simplest, conscious living is the art of feeling your feelings, speaking authentically, knowing your life purpose, and carrying out effective actions that contribute to your well-being and the well-being of others. The moment we commit ourselves to living consciously, we embark on a journey of wonder through the real world, on a sacred path of infinite practicality. I believe that committing to the journey makes us fully human. I believe also that wholehearted participation in the journey is our very best way of returning thanks for the gift of life. Life comes to us freely; we wake up one day, and we’re in it. Conscious living is the art of expressing gratitude for the gift of life by learning and loving as much as we can until the moment we’re not here.”

~ Gay Hendricks from Conscious Living

As you know if you’ve read the Note on Gay Hendricks’ great book, The Big Leap, Gay is a close friend and mentor of mine and now a business partner with PhilosophersNotes. It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air to be in his presence and experience a human being actually living the truths he so passionately believes.

Gay got his Ph.D. from Stanford the year I was born, was a professor at the University of Colorado for a couple decades and has led people through over 20,000 (!!!) counseling sessions over the last 30+ years. Amazing.

This book gives us a close look at his own life story as well as some of his Biggest Ideas on how to live consciously. It’s a fun, inspiring and transformative read I highly recommend!

I say we jump right in and turn our consciousness up a notch or three.

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Gay Hendricks

Owner of The Hendricks Institute