Finding Your Zone

Ten Core Lessons for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life
by Michael Lardon | A Perigee Book © 2008 · 162 pages

Would you like to find the Zone more often? Well, yah! Leading sports psychologist Michael Lardon, M.D. shows us how. 10 core lessons. In the Note, we'll look at why you want to have two scorecards, the importance of activation energy (451 degrees, please!!) and how to keep your confidence dialed in.

I am here to tell you that the Zone is indeed real; it’s just much different than its popular misconceptions.
Michael Lardon

“The Zone is the ability to perform at your highest level in whatever domain in life. It is not a phenomenon exclusive to sports; it exists in every endeavor in which men and women apply themselves. But most people who achieve this higher consciousness and intense level of engagement get to this state of mind by accident. And this is why so many of us assume there’s something magical about being in the Zone. . . .

Through a lifetime of study, scientific research, and one-on-one work with athletes, I have repeatedly observed ten essential characteristics that the world’s greatest athletes possess that not only enable them to perform at an optimal level but also allow them to transcend the distractions and everyday challenges that can potentially hinder their performance. Based on both my scientific research and personal experience, these components form both the basis of this book and the platform from which you can develop the mental acuity, the emotional power, and the skills that will help you improve your performance in whichever sphere of life you choose.”

~ Michael Lardon, M.D. from Finding Your Zone

The Zone.

Sure would be nice to find it more often, eh?

That’s exactly what Michael Lardon, M.D. helps us do with this great little book. (Get it here.)

Dr. Lardon is a sports psychologist and Professor at the University of California San Diego. He’s spent his life studying peak performance and what enables athletes to get into the Zone.

His scientific research and work with well-known PGA, NFL and Olympic athletes led him to the ten core lessons for achieving peak performance in sports and life he covers in this book. Great stuff. Let’s take a quick look at some of my favorite Big Ideas—starting with defining the Zone:

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