With Winning in Mind

The Mental Management System
by Lanny Bassham | Mental Management® System © 2011 · 181 pages

This is a SHOCKINGLY good book. Want to get your mind right? Lanny Bassham, an Olympic gold medalist, has been teaching the art of mental training/peak performance for decades and this book tells us just how to rock it. In the Note, we'll look at the importance of making the process primary and other fundamentals of mental mastery.

Are you interested in winning or helping others to win? If so, this book is written for you.
Lanny Bassham

“I am well aware that there are many fine self-improvement books available. Psychologists, motivational speakers, religious leaders and business professionals write them. A competitor writes this one. The Mental Management® System is not based on psychology; instead, it is 100% based on competition. I did my apprenticeship in the arena of Olympic pressure. My credibility is not based on the course I took in college; it’s in my gold medals and the medals of my students. It’s not theory; it’s simply what works. My goal in this book is to share with you the mental techniques that I have discovered and used to win.”

~ Lanny Bassham from With Winning in Mind

This is another one of those books that I just happened to stumble upon and I’m glad I did. I picked it up as I was feasting on mental strength training books. It’s *really* (!) good. (Stunningly good, in fact.)

Lanny Bassham is a world-class athlete turned mental training coach. He shares his wisdom from the perspective of a guy who has been there and done that in the competitive arena—winning an Olympic gold medal and a ton of other championships. (He’s the third in medal count for the USA for all shooters.)

Lanny’s also a great story-teller and a precise teacher. He’s been at this for over four decades and it shows. He created what he calls the Mental Management® System and has trained everyone from PGA golfers and Olympic champions (and teams) to the FBI, Navy SEALs and Miss America contestants.

With Winning in Mind is the no-nonsense distillation of his Mental Management® System. It’s *packed* with Big Ideas. If you’re feeling it, I think you’ll dig the book. Get it here. Learn more about Lanny at www.mentalmanagement.com.

For now, let’s take a quick look at a handful of my favorite Big Ideas!

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Lanny Bassham

Olympic champion and mental coach