Unbeatable Mind

Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level
by Mark Divine | CreateSpace © 2014 · 216 pages

I'm convinced Mark Divine is a superhero. Seriously. And in Unbeatable Mind, the former Navy SEAL gives us the handbook on mental toughness. In the Note, we'll look at the keys to cultivating our confidence, the importance of cultivating our concentration, learning how to control our breathing and other goodness that will make you unbeatable.

The principles of Unbeatable Mind are not about being hard-core but rather about how to perform at your peak in any domain, whether you are a mom, dad, SEAL, student or CPA.
Mark Divine

“The “big idea” of this book is that you are capable of so much more than you think you are, but you have been kept in the dark about this potential your entire life. I call this potential your 20X Factor, in that you are capable of at least twenty times what your current paradigm allows you to believe. It is not as though your family or our culture purposely kept you in the dark about this important fact. No, they were ignorant about it as well and can’t be held to blame. We cannot ignore this unbelievable truth any longer. Not only do you deserve to tap into your full potential for your own success and happiness, but our collective minds are needed to sync up like a global crowdsourced network of solution finders to pull us out of the mess we have created. This book isn’t about those messes, though—there are plenty of authors writing about the perils we face on our abused planet. No, this book is about how you can begin to tap into that vast potential lying dormant inside of you—so that you can achieve your fullest expression of yourself, help those around you, and send positive ripples throughout the world.”

~ Mark Divine from Unbeatable Mind

I think Mark Divine is a real-life superhero.


I’ve always admired the grit and character of special ops warriors—from the classic Spartan warriors to the modern-day versions: Navy SEALs and Army Rangers and other elite forces. Mark is a former Navy SEAL and just a good, SOLID guy.

I don’t know how else to articulate it. Strong. Virtuous. Committed. Grounded. Smart. Powerful. Integrated. A warrior-philosopher.

And his book, Unbeatable Mind, is all of those things.

If you’d like to, as the sub-title promises and the book delivers, “forge resiliency and mental toughness to succeed at an elite level,” then this book is for you. Get it here. Check out Mark and learn more about all his other projects at MarkDivine.com.

Let’s jump in and take a quick look at some of my favorite Big Ideas—knowing we’ll barely scratch the surface of my (ridiculously) marked up copy of the book.

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About the author


Mark Divine

Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Commander, entrepreneur and best-selling author