Why Your Life Sucks

by Alan Cohen | Bantam Books © 2007 · 224 pages

Why Your Life Sucks. That has to win the award for best title ever. Cohen is a very funny man. He’s also super wise and a great story teller and this book is packed with goodness on how we can unsuck our lives. My favorite Big Ideas (that we cover in the Note) include everything from tuning in to radio station “KNOW,” hiring your own thought bouncer and remembering to nourish your spirit.

The only thing harder than waking up is staying asleep in a nightmare. Let’s do it. It’s time.
Alan Cohen

“When it comes to your life sucking, you can’t just walk away from it. You can’t just put your life aside and go on to something else that feels better. When your life sucks, that’s serious. It’s a big wake-up call. It’s an invitation to do something different. Not more of the same. If coins keep falling out of a hole in your pocket, the answer is not to go out and get a second job. The answer is to plug the hole. This book will help you find and patch any leaks in your system. It is honest and practical, with teeth. … If your life is getting in your face, you might want to know why, so you can do something about it before it gets worse. As you face and plug each hole, you will transform every challenge into a gift. Together we can turn tragedy into triumph and make it all a win.”

~ Alan Cohen from Why Your Life Sucks

First things first: Alan Cohen is hilarious. I have no idea why it took me so long to discover his work but I’m glad I did.

(Side note on that: I was introduced to Cohen’s work when I was watching a sneak peek of an upcoming documentary called Finding Joe—all about Joseph Campbell and his Ideas about our hero’s journey and how they apply to our 21st century lives. He and I are both in the movie and his segments are *awesome*!)

In addition to being ridiculously, laugh-out-loud and read-it-to-my-Wife funny, Cohen is also brilliant and wise. He’s a remarkable story teller and this little book is packed with Big Ideas on a) Why your life may suck; and, b) What you can do about it.

I literally Kindle-highlighted nearly the whole thing so let’s jump in and explore some of my favorite Ideas on how to unsuck our lives, shall we? :)

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