Happy for No Reason

7 Steps to Being Happy From the Inside Out
by Marci Shimoff | Free Press © 2008 · 320 pages

Marci Shimoff created Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and integrates great stories about happy people with scientifically established ways to boost our happiness in her great book. In the Note, we'll explore the fact that we all have a happiness set point that's genetically determined and dive into a bunch of Big Ideas about what we can do raise our happiness levels.

“Happy for No Reason isn’t elation, euphoria, mood spikes or peak experiences that don’t last. It doesn’t mean grinning like a fool 24/7 or experiencing a superficial high. Happy for No Reason isn’t an emotion. In fact, when you are Happy for No Reason, you can have any emotion—including sadness, fear, anger, or hurt—but you still experience that underlying state of peace and well-being… When you’re Happy for No Reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them. You don’t need to manipulate the world around you to try to make yourself happy. You live from happiness, rather than for happiness.”

~ Marci Shimoff from Happy for No Reason

Wouldn’t you love to be “Happy for No Reason”?!?

Me, too. :)

Marci Shimoff came up with the idea for Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and in this book she weaves together some of the best Ideas from the Positive Psychology movement with Chicken Soup for the Soul-like stories from what she calls the “Happy 100,” ranging from peeps like Elizabeth Gilbert (who wrote Eat Pray Love) to Michael Bernard Beckwith (founder of Agape Spiritual Center and star of The Secret).

It’s a fun read and packed with goodness. We’re barely going to scratch the surface of all the book’s mojo as we learn how to build habits in all aspects of our lives to truly be “Happy for No Reason.”

So, let’s happy dance on in, shall we?!? :)

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Marci Shimoff

Authority on creating lasting happiness.