The Miracle Morning

The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8 AM
by Hal Elrod | Hal Elrod © 2014 · 140 pages

Want to wake up every morning like it's Christmas? (Or otherwise fired up if xmas isn't your thing?) Well, it's time to make your mornings miraculous and Hal Elrod shows us how with his Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Do more before 8am than you thought possible and crush it day in and day out.

Every day, think as you wake up, ‘Today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.
Dalai Lama

“Whether you want to make significant improvements in just a few key areas, or you are ready for a major overhaul that will radically transform your entire life—so your current circumstances will soon become only a memory of what was—you’ve picked up the right book. You are about to begin a miraculous journey, using a simple, but revolutionary process that is guaranteed to transform any area of your life… all before 8:00 am.”

~ Hal Elrod from The Miracle Morning

Hal Elrod is an inspiring guy.

At 20 years old he was hit head on by a drunk driver. At 70 mph. (Ouch.)

He was found dead. (Yikes.) After 6 minutes of that (near-)death experience, he spent several days in a coma and awoke to discover he had suffered brain damage and was told that he may never walk again. He defied the odds and proved we’re all capable of overcoming obstacles while creating the life of our dreams. (Amazing.)

Years later, he found himself in a funk and discovered The Morning Miracle. And, here we are!

One of my dear friends (thanks, Zac!) recommended this book and I’m glad he did. It’s fantastic.

If you’ve been looking to jump start your life—or just take it to the next level—there’s no better place to start than by dialing in your morning routine and Hal is the perfect guide to help us discover the “not-so-obvious secrets” to rockin’ it before 8:00 am!

The book is packed with Big Ideas. Hal does a really (!) good job of helping us architect our miracle mornings—whether that’s a 6-minute plan to start or 60. In this Note, I’m going to focus on a handful of my favorite Big Ideas. If you’re feelin’ it, get the book (here) for a deeper dive and connect with Hal at

For now, let’s jump straight in!

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