Superhuman by Habit

A Guide to Becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself, One Tiny Habit at a Time
by Tynan |

You want to be superhuman? Tynan tells us it's *all* about the habits. I agree. And this book is a genius little manifesto on how to rock it. In the Note, we'll look at some Big Ideas on the basic mental mechanics of installing habits that'll help you reach your potential. Keys: focusing on consistency (!), using your mistakes to your advantage, getting rid of negative habits and focusing on the finish line as you rock the process.

The glorious benefit of a habit is that it converts something that requires a lot of willpower and focus into something that becomes automatic and often outside of our conscious thought.

“It doesn’t always feel like it, but these days my life is dictated by the habits I’ve created. When people learn that I write every single day, study a foreign language every day, work on my big projects every day, eat healthy every day, work out every other day, and maintain a consistent sleep schedule, they marvel at the deep well of self discipline that I have. In truth, though, it’s all just habits that feel easy. Habits are the closest thing we can get to having superpowers.

This book is a collection of the mindsets and techniques I’ve used to rebuild myself with habits. If you, like I used to be, can barely stay on top of the essentials of day-to-day living, this book is for you. If you perform well, but are inconsistent, this book is for you. Or if you’re a self-optimizer who already performs at a high level, but wants to squeeze even more out of himself, this book is for you.”

~ Tynan from Superhuman by Habit

I randomly found this book on Amazon and was pulled in by the cover and title.

I’d never heard of Tynan but within the first few pages I was already blown away and knew I’d be doing a Note on it while *strongly* recommending this little manifesto for your reading and optimizing pleasure.

We’ve done a number of Notes on willpower + habit building, including Willpower by Roy Baumeister, The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, and The Power of Habit by Duhigg. Plus books like Mastery by George Leonard, Mindset by Carol Dweck, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, and Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin.

I highly recommend all of them.

But this one distills the practical essence of all of those books into one little transformative manifesto that I think you’ll really love. And you can read it in an afternoon if you’re feeling so inspired. Pick it up on Amazon here. Learn more about Tynan here.

The first half of the book focuses on the strategic mindset of habit building and the second half focuses on super practical plans to build specific habits.

Most of my book is underlined. We’ll focus on some of my favorite Big Ideas on the mindset side of things.

Let’s start by defining habits!

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