Pathways to Bliss

Mythology and Personal Transformation
by Joseph Campbell | New World Library © 2004 · 194 pages

This is one of the three books by Campbell we cover and in this Note, we'll learn why following our bliss is so important (hint: our bliss is the transcendent wisdom within us bubbling up!) and how we can more courageously follow it in our lives (hint: say "Yes!" to life more often!). We'll also look at how we can make the simple things in our life part of our heroic journey and how going for it isn't an ego trip.

“There are something like 18 billion cells in the brain alone. There are no two brains alike; there are no two hands alike; there are no two human beings alike. You can take your instructions and your guidance from others, but you must find your own path.”

~ Joseph Campbell from Pathways to Bliss

This is the third Note I’ve created on Joseph Campbell. As I mention in the others (see Notes on A Joseph Campbell Companion and The Power of Myth), Campbell sits in the Granddaddy slot in my spiritual family tree. I hart Grandpa Joe. :)

This book is from the collected works series New World Library and the Joseph Campbell Foundation are assembling. The prose and the presentation are stunningly beautiful.

If you haven’t explored Campbell and his hero’s journey yet, get on it! I trust you’ll enjoy my Notes on this gem, Pathways to Bliss—which provides some Big Ideas on applying the power of myth to transforming our modern lives.

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Joseph Campbell

Mythologist, writer and lecturer.