Enough Already

The Power of Radical Contentment
by Alan Cohen | Hay House © 2012 · 239 pages

How'd you like to tap into the power of radical contentment? (Sign me up!) Alan Cohen shows us the way to as he teaches us how to quit being a hardaholic and/or a precrastinator as we embrace the three facts of life and eliminate the terrorists from our minds. Enough already. It's a wonderful place to be.

To keep pain from becoming suffering, minimize resistance. Quit trying to manipulate others and manipulate your *viewpoint.*
Alan Cohen

“Try this experiment: For one day imagine what you have and what you are is enough. When you look in the mirror, decide to like what you see. When you connect with your friend, date, spouse, or boss, notice what you like about that person rather than what bugs you. When you go over your credit-card bill, instead of complaining about the high price of gas and groceries, thank all the people who brought your fuel to you and your food from seed to your table. When you go to work, celebrate the customers and accounts you have rather than wringing your hands over those you are missing.

If you do this experiment sincerely and continuously for even one day, your life will change. You will feel better, and things will start to work more in your favor. You will recognize that you have far more riches at your disposal than you realized. You will realize that you have not just enough, but plenty.”

~ Alan Cohen from Enough Already

Alan Cohen.

Alexandra and I love him!

This is my fourth Note on his books. We also have Notes on A Daily Dose of Sanity, Why Your Life Sucks and Relax into Wealth.

Alan’s grounded, spacious presence and wisdom is incredibly refreshing. Plus he’s a GREAT story teller. If you haven’t gotten one of his books yet I really think you’ll dig them! For now, let’s jump in and have some fun with some of my favorite Big Ideas from this great book!

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