The Highest Goal

The Secret That Sustains You in Every Moment
by Michael Ray | Berrett-Koehler Publishers, inc © 2005 · 184 pages

Michael Ray is a Professor at Stanford’s Business School who teaches creativity in business. This book shares the lessons from that remarkable class and points out the fact that our “Highest Goal” is all about connecting to and living from our highest truths all the time. In this Note, we’ll take a look at how to get out of “the cruel grip of society” as we travel our own path and let the material bounty be by-products of our spiritual awesomeness. :)

“The highest goal is simply to be in this experience of connection or truth (no matter how you refer to it) all the time. That remains a goal, of course, because this is something you spend a lifetime working toward rather than attaining. But your commitment motivates, inspires and guides your journey, and gives you more and more time in this state of connection.”

~ Michael Ray from The Highest Goal

The Highest Goal.

Based on Michael Ray’s “Personal Creativity in Business” class he taught at Stanford, this book is awesome. And the concept of living with the “Highest Goal” to more and more consistently connect to and express the Divine within us is one of my absolute favorite Big Ideas.

If it’s resonating with you, I think you’ll love the book and I’m excited to share some of my favorite Big Ideas.

So, let’s jump in!

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