The War of Art

by Steven Pressfield | Grand Central publishing © 2002 · 165 pages

This book is amazing. If you’ve ever struggled with rockin’ your creativity it’s pretty much a must-read. Written in an intense, no-nonsense style, Pressfield gets to the heart of the “Resistance” that stands in our way to fully expressing ourselves as he challenges us to become true “Professionals.” In the Note, we’ll check out some of my Favorite Big Ideas—from letting the results be by-products to the importance of simply sitting down and trying day after day after day.

“Kabbalists believe that above every blade of grass is an angel crying “Grow! Grow!” I’ll go further. I believe that above the entire human race is one super-angel, crying “Evolve! Evolve!””

~ Steven Pressfield from The War of Art

The War of Art.

This is the 109th PhilosophersNote I’ve created.

Up to this point, I’ve made a lot of strong recommendations on books I think you’d love but I’ve never said you *must* read a particular book.

I’m gonna break that streak here.

If you’re a creative person, you need to read this book. It’s that good. And, when I say “creative person” I mean anyone who’s committed to creating an authentically awesome life. (And, given the fact that you’re reading this Note, my hunch is that clearly means YOU!)

I’m not sure how many times I’ve read The War of Art over the years but it’s a lot. Each time I pick it up I get a swift kick in the creative butt and my life takes a significant step forward.

As the author of The Legend of Bagger Vance and a number of great best-selling novels (my favorite beyond Bagger Vance is Gates of Fire—an incredible portrayal of the classic Spartan warriors), Steven Pressfield knows what it’s like to create. He has an extraordinary way of capturing the challenges we face in the War of Art—along with the means by which we can overcome those obstacles (or, as he calls it “Resistance”). Powerful stuff.

So, get the book. I *promise* you’ll thank me. :)

The book is essentially one awesome Big Idea after another. Super easy-to-read. Super inspiring. Let’s look at a handful of my favorites, shall we?

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Steven Pressfield

American author of historical fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays.