The Art of Achievement

Mastering the 7 C's of Success in Business and Life
by Tom Morris | Andrews McNeel Publishing, LLC © 2002 · 180 pages

Tom Morris is my favorite living philosopher. As a former Professor at Notre Dame with a dual Ph.D. in Religion and Philosophy, he blends old school, rigorous philosophy with amodern sense of fun. In this Note, we have fun getting our wisdom on with his “7 C’s of Success”: Conception, Confidence, Concentration, Consistency, Commitment, Character and a Capacity to Enjoy. Good times.

“This book is about the ancient art of achievement. It’s about making good things happen in business and in life. It’s also a book of philosophy such as you may never have seen before. It will lay out some of the most practical and powerful guidance for living ever articulated by the world’s great thinkers. It’s all about growth, excellence, and the experience of a deep satisfaction in everything we do. It’s ultimately about making our mark in this world by mastering some of the most effective tools that have ever been devised for creative and fulfilling achievement.”

~ Tom Morris from The Art of Achievement

The Art of Achievement.

I was introduced to this book by a friend and mentor of mine, John Mackey (the CEO of Whole Foods). John is one of my deepest inspirations to live my ideals and create cool stuff that can make a true difference in the world. So, when he recommends an author/book, I pay attention.

In this case, I immediately bought a bunch of Tom Morris’s books and I’m glad I did because Morris is awesome.

With a Ph.D. from Yale in both Philosophy and Religion, Morris was one of the most popular professors at the University of Notre Dame before dedicating himself to his pursuits as an author, speaker, consultant and chairman of the Morris Institute for Human Values. His books blend the intellectual rigor of a former philosophy professor with the fun, uber-practical advice of a wise uncle. I love it.

If you resonate with this Note, I highly recommend the book and think you might also dig a few of Tom’s other books: True Success, If Aristotle Ran General Motors and If Harry Potter Ran General Electric. He also wrote Philosophy for Dummies and you can follow his blog on the Huffington Post. :)

For now, let’s jump in and have some fun getting our wisdom on with a few of my favorite Big Ideas from this great book. We’ll start with a quick look at The 7 Cs of Success!

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