You Are the Placebo

Making Your Mind Matter
by Joe Dispenza | Hay House © 2014 · 392 pages

The Placebo effect is a pretty nutty phenomenon. Merely the *belief* that a pill (or surgery) will benefit you can lead to those results--even without the actual pill. In this great (!) book, Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us we can harness that power and shows us how. In the Note we'll have fun looking at how to become the new you as you cross the river of change and become an epigenetic engineer.

As Cousins said of placebos back in 1979, ‘The process works not because of any magic in the tablet, but because the human body is its own best apothecary and because the most successful prescriptions are filled by the body itself.’
Joe Dispenza

“The incredible results I’ve seen in the advanced workshops I offer and all the scientific data that has come out of that have led me to the idea of the placebo: how people can take a sugar pill or get a saline injection and then their belief in something outside of themselves makes them get better.

I began to ask myself, ‘What if people begin to believe in themselves instead of something outside of themselves? What if they believe that they can change something inside of them and move themselves to the same state of being as someone who’s taking a placebo? Isn’t that what our workshop participant’s have been doing in order to get better? Do people really need a pill or injection to change their state of being? Can we teach people to accomplish the same thing by teaching them how the placebo really works?’

And that’s really what this book is about: empowering you to realize that you have all the biological and neurological machinery to do exactly that. My goal is to demystify these concepts within the new science of the way things really are so that it is within the reach of more people to change their internal states in order to create positive changes in their health and in their external world. If that sounds too amazing to be true, then as I’ve said, toward the end of the book you’ll see some of the research compiled from our workshops to show you exactly how it’s possible.”

~ Dr. Joe Dispenza from You Are the Placebo

The placebo effect.

It’s a powerful scientific fact that, when people THINK they will get benefit from a pill or procedure, they often experience those benefits even if they’re simply taking a sugar pill.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s question: What if we didn’t need something *outside* of ourselves to trigger the benefits of the placebo effect?

This book is his answer to that question. Quit simply, you don’t need something outside yourself—just a firm belief in the possibilities matched with an equally strong resolve to do the work to create the conditions for change.

In short: You are the placebo.

Joe presents a truly fascinating read—mixing neuroscience and quantum physics with stories of miraculous healings (and bizarre deaths) from the past and present. My book is peppered with “wow”s. (Get the book here.)

For now, let’s take a quick look at some of my favorite Big Ideas!

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