True to Form

How to Use Foundation Training for Sustained Pain Relief and Everyday Fitness
by Eric Goodman | Harper Wave © 2016 · 224 pages

Eric Goodman is the creator of Foundation Training. If you’ve ever had back or neck or other physical pain, this book might be just what your doctor forgot to order. And, of course, if you’re just looking to take your energy to the next level, this is a gem. In the Note, we take a quick look at why gravity + sitting/bad posture = compression and why that’s so bad plus how to deal with it as we become fluent in a new movement language and have fun becoming perpetual motion machines.

It cannot be stressed too often or too strongly that restoring your body’s natural strength and flexibility comes not through intensity of effort but through consistency.
Eric Goodman

“It took some time and much trial and error, but in the process I recognized something so fundamental, so essentially obvious that it has taken me a decade of practice and study to sort it out.

We move wrong.

More specifically, we move in ways contrary to how our bodies are naturally constructed and equipped for us to move. Many of us endure chronic pain precisely because we do not understand how to live correctly inside the efficiently designed bodies we are born into. We aren’t given an operating manual and for some reason, our instincts have failed us.

This book sets out to change all that.

It all starts with the bodies we have and what we’re doing with them.”

~ Eric Goodman from True to Form

In a recent coaching call with Ben Greenfield (the guy is a living encyclopedia of health and fitness optimization goodness), Ben told me he completely changed his morning routine to focus on practicing Eric Goodman’s Foundation Training every day.

I knew a little bit about Eric (we have his first book and DVDs) but I hadn’t gotten into his work yet. But, if Ben was doing his training, I’m all about it. So, I got this book.

As it turns out, Joan Vernikos (the director of life sciences at NASA—aka, the woman in charge of keeping astronauts healthy before, during and after their trips—and author of a new favorite book called Sitting Kills, Moving Heals) says this on the back cover of True to Form: “Foundation Training exercises are the answer to my many years of research on the negative effects of sitting.”

← That’s a very (!) powerful endorsement. :)

Combine all that with my new-found passion for MOVEMENT (inspired in part by and articulated in Notes on Katy Bowman’s Don’t Just Sit There + Move Your DNA), and I’m all in.

And, here we are.

This is a beautiful, quick-reading book that is packed with simple, powerful Big Ideas and, more importantly, packed with specific Foundation Training exercises to help us optimize our Foundation. If you suffer from back or neck pain, this book might be a GREAT resource.

We’ll focus on the Big Ideas we can apply today. Get the book (here) for more on the Foundation Training exercises. Let’s jump in!

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Eric Goodman

Strength coach, chiropractor and the creator of Foundation Training.