The RAVE Diet

by Mike Anderson | © 2009 · 243 pages

RAVE = No Refined Foods + NoAnimal Products + NoVegetable Oils + NoExceptions +Exercise. According to Mike Anderson, it’s what all the leading Doctors who can reverse disease recommend for their patients. In this Note, we’ll explore some Big Ideas on how plants do a body good while milk does a body bad, the best approach to osteoporosis, why antacids are a joke how to best fertilize cancer (hint: just eat a lot of meat ;).

Dare to be different. Change your life and seek long-term happiness from within by adopting a lifestyle that I guarantee will pay dividends throughout your entire life.
Mike Anderson

“In the course of my research, I discovered there was a set of basic rules doctors used when arresting and reversing diseases with diet. These rules form the acronym RAVE. Doctors who reverse diseases with diet have their individual preferences and will emphasize certain foods over others, but all their diets fall within the RAVE concept.

Heart disease is the most documented and easily reversed disease in the books. But it’s not just heart disease. Our common cancers—including breast, prostate, colon and other cancers, have not only been reversed, but can be totally prevented by following the RAVE Diet. Adult onset diabetes is a snap. One doctor gets 90 percent of his patients off insulin within a month by prescribing simple changes in diet. There are literally hundreds of other diseases, ranging from arthritis and autoimmune diseases to rheumatoid arthritis to shingles and varicose veins that can be arrested and reversed by following the RAVE Diet.”

~ Mike Anderson from The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle

Mike Anderson is a great guy. He’s SUPER passionate about the link between diet and health and shares a LOT of goodness in The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle.

My friend John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, introduced me to this book (and a bunch of other nutrition titles we’ll be covering soon) over dinner earlier this year. He follows the RAVE diet and we chatted about why over a specially-prepared RAVE meal at Madeleine Bistro in Los Angeles (yum!).

In this Note, I’m excited to explore some of my favorite Big Ideas from the book and I hope you dig it.

And, if you or someone you know is suffering from cancer or heart disease or diabetes, I highly recommend you check out the book and Mike Anderson’s info-packed movies Eating and Healing Cancer from the Inside Out. You can find them on Amazon and learn more at!

Now, let’s jump in! :)

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Mike Anderson

Filmmaker, writer and medical researcher. Founder of Rave Diet.