Healthy at 100

by John Robbins | Random House © 2006 · 357 pages

How’d you like to be Healthy at 100? Me, too. John Robbins shares the scientific wisdom we have on *how* we can go about rockin’ that and in this Note we’ll have fun looking at my favorite Big Ideas including the fact that, as the Vilcabambans tell us, we all have two doctors (our right leg and our left leg :). Plus, we’ll look at the importance of love and gratitude along with the true fountain of youth.

“It has been said that we can destroy ourselves with negativity just as effectively as with bombs. If we see only the worst in ourselves, it erodes our capacity to act. If, on the other hand, we are drawn forward by a positive vision of how we might live, we can shrug off the cynicism that has become fashionable today and build truly healthy lives.

It is extraordinarily important for us today to replace the prevailing image and reality of aging with a new vision—one in which we grasp the possibility of living all our days with exuberance and passion. There are few things of greater consequence today than for us to bring our lives into alignment with our true potential for health and our dreams for a better tomorrow.”

~ John Robbins from Healthy at 100

As I reflect on this great book by John Robbins (author of Diet for a New America), two things come to mind: 1) I’m incredibly inspired by Robbins’ scientifically grounded vision of how we can be healthy at 100 and, 2) I’m equally inspired by how *good* of a person Robbins seems to be. His love and wisdom is present on every page and the book is PACKED with Big Ideas.

In Healthy at 100, Robbins presents a compelling case on how we can be, you guessed it, healthy and vitally alive at 100 as he takes a look at the scientific research done on the healthiest and longest-lived peoples on the planet—from Abkhasia to the Hunza and Okinawa to Vilcabamba (where I happen to be as I write this :). He supplements that goodness with all kinds of Big Ideas touching on everything from nutrition and exercise to purpose and love.

How about we take a look at some of my favorite Ideas now? :)

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John Robbins

Bestselling author, social activist, and humanitarian.