The Perils and Opportunities of Reality
by Anthony de Mello | Image © 1990 · 184 pages

Anthony de Mello was a Jesuit priest who integrated Eastern and Western ideas into his teachings and in this Note, we'll explore some of his Biggest Ideas on how to live from a place of deep connection and awareness. We'll learn how to get over our fears and quit driving with our brakes on plus the importance of looking at life as a symphony with ever changing rhythms and music that's only enjoyable to the extent we don't try to hold on to any one note.

“There’s nothing so delightful as being aware. Would you rather live in darkness? Would you rather act and not be aware of your words? Would you rather listen to people and not be aware of what you’re hearing, or see things and not be aware of what you’re looking at? The great Socrates said, ‘The unaware life is not worth living.’ That’s a self-evident truth. Most people don’t live aware lives. They live mechanical lives, mechanical thoughts—generally somebody else’s—mechanical emotions, mechanical actions, mechanical reactions.”

~ Anthony de Mello from Awareness

Anthony de Mello, a 20th century Jesuit priest passionate about inspiring us to see the world with a deeper sense of awareness, compassion and love, doesn’t mince words in this great little book.


If we want to escape the stimulus-response conditioning of our society and begin to truly live, we’ve gotta build it. And this book is full of a bunch of Big Ideas on how to go about turning up our Awareness.

Let’s jump right in. :)

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Anthony de Mello

Spiritual teacher who taught people to wake up.