The Power of Decision

by Raymond Charles Barker | DeVorss & Company © 2007 · 165 pages

Did you know the word decide comes from two little Latin words that literally mean "to cut off"?! Yep. To make a decision means to cut off other options and commit to one and this old school New Thought classic helps us get our power of decision crankin'. In the Note, we'll explore some Big Ideas including lowering our guilt load, watching our moods and planting good thought seeds.

“Success and failure are results of the use of mind. Every success-motivated mind has been a decisive mind. Every failure-motivated mind has been an indecisive mind. Only the dreamer who acted with decision on his dream brought forth something new and valuable.”

~ Raymond Charles Barker from The Power of Decision

Raymond Charles Barker is an old-school 20th century New Thought preacher.

He’s in the same school of thought (Science of Mind) as Ernest Holmes, Michael Beckwith, Louise Haye and that crowd. If you like them, you’ll love Raymond. Super cool guy.

Like all of these great books, this one’s packed with more Big Ideas than I’ll be able to cram into this Note, so let’s rock it, shall we? :)

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About the author


Raymond Charles Barker

leader and author in the New Thought spiritual movement