The Happiness of Pursuit

Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life
by Chris Guillebeau | Harmony © 2014 · 304 pages

Chris Guillebeau is a brilliant guy and brilliant writer. He's also traveled to in the world. (That's 193 for those counting.) In this great book we take a look at what it means to create an awesome Quest. The why's and how's and all that. What's your Quest? Ready to rock it?

If you want to achieve the unimaginable, you start by imagining it.
Chris Guillebeau

“In addition to satisfying my own curiosity, I wrote this book to inspire you to attempt something remarkable of your own. Look closely here and you’ll see a path you can follow, no matter your goal. Everyone who pursues a quest learns many lessons along the way. Some relate to accomplishment, disillusionment, joy and sacrifice—others to the specific project at hand. But what if you could learn these lessons earlier? What if you could study with others who’ve invested years—sometimes decades—in the relentless pursuit of their dreams?

That learning opportunity is what this book is all about. You’ll sit with people who have pursued big adventures and crafted lives of purpose around something they found deeply meaningful. You’ll hear stories and lessons. You’ll learn what happened along the way, but more important, you’ll learn why it happened and why it matters. It’s my job as the author to provide a framework and issue a challenge. It’s yours to decide the next steps.

Perhaps reading about other people’s stories will prompt you to think about your own life. What excites you? What bothers you? If you could do anything at all without regard to time or money, what would it be?”

~ Chris Guillebeau from The Happiness of Pursuit

“The Happiness of Pursuit.”

What a GREAT title. And an equally great book.

Chris Guillebeau is a fantastic writer/storyteller. He’s also traveled to in the world. All 193 of them. That was his decade-long quest that led to a bunch of discoveries, a global community and a couple other great books: The Art of Nonconformity and The $100 Startup.

In this book, we get a backstage pass to learn from everyday heroes—awesome individuals committed to extraordinary quests that led to more happiness, meaning and mojo in their lives.

It’s REALLY inspiring.

If you’ve been looking for some insight into how you want to rock this precious life of yours, I think you’ll dig it. (Get it here.)

The book is packed with great stories and a ton of practical wisdom. We’re barely going to scratch the surface of all its goodness. My book is super marked up and we’re only going to explore a few of my favorite Big Ideas. Let’s jump straight in!

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