The Happiness Equation

Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything
by Neil Pasricha | G.P. Putnam’s Sons © 2016 · 320 pages

Neil Pasricha is a fascinating guy. A Harvard MBA and director of leadership development for Walmart who gave one of the most popular TED talks ever and published The Book of Awesome which sold 1m+ copies. This book is a fun, quick-read packed with great Ideas. We cover: The Big 7 ways science says we can boost our happiness, waking up with an Icky Guy (the good kind), how to add an hour to your day, a great question to tap into your purpose and wisdom from the greatest physicist ever (hint: create momentum).

Happy people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything. Be happy first.
Neil Pasricha

“So don’t you think every college, university, and library would be full of courses and advice on how we can become happier? On how we can make decisions that spur ourselves into positive action every day?

When I asked a hospitality CEO if he knew a book, model or website that actually helped people navigate and simplify their most challenging decisions so they can live with contentment, freedom, and happiness, he said, ‘That book doesn’t exist. It would be like asking every high-powered executive, successful person, and positive leader to distill all the personal mental models they’ve created over their lives into one book. Nobody has ever done it.’

I know this is true because I’ve been searching for a practical book with real frameworks on leading myself to happiness for years. I wanted something beyond stories about generals, parables about penguins, and research studies with data pointing any which way. I wanted real, I wanted practical, I wanted clear. I wanted an action book that I could use every day.

This is that book.”

~ Neil Pasricha from The Happiness Equation

Neil Pasricha is awesome. And so is this book.

Ryan Holiday (see Notes on The Obstacle Is the Way) connected us and I’m glad he did.

Neil’s a fascinating guy—a Harvard MBA who runs a site called who also happens to be the director of leadership development for Walmart, one of the most popular TED speakers ever, the director of the Institute for Global Happiness AND the best-selling author of The Book of AWESOME series—with over 1 million books sold. (←That is awesome.)

He’s also a funny, great writer who packs a ton of super practical wisdom into this quick-reading book. I highly recommend it. Get a copy here.

The book features Neil’s 9 Secrets for rockin’ it. I’m excited to share a few of my favorite Big Ideas so let’s jump straight in!

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Neil Pasricha

New York Times bestselling author, TED Speaker, Dir. of Institute for Global Happiness.