Mini Habits

Smaller Habits, Bigger Results
by Stephen Guise | CreateSpace © 2013 · 126 pages

How’s your habit-building process working for you? If you’ve stalled a few (hundred?) times, Stephen Guise tells us that Mini Habits might be just the thing you’re looking for! In the Note we look at what a Mini Habit is and how to go about rockin’ it exploring Big Ideas like making habits stupid small (aka “too small to fail”), embracing Newton’s 1st law, and being aware of ego depletion as you create your chain!

Are you ready to discover how smaller habits lead to bigger results? I sure hope so, because I’m excited to show you. Let’s go!
Stephen Guise

“I had experimented with personal development strategies for a decade. When I accidentally started my first mini habit—and the changes I made were actually lasting—I realized the prior strategies I relied upon were complete failures. When something works, that which doesn’t work is exposed. The science of Mini Habits exposes the predictably inconsistent results of most popular personal growth strategies, and reveals why mini habits are consistent.

A mini habit is a very small positive behavior that you force yourself to do every day; a mini habit’s ‘too small to fail’ nature makes it weightless, deceptively powerful, and a superior habit-building strategy.

Mini Habits will better equip you to change your life than 99% of the people you see walking around on this globe. People so often think that they are the reason they can’t achieve lasting change; but the problem isn’t with them—it’s with their strategy. You can achieve great things without the guilt, intimidation, and repeated failure associated with such strategies such as ‘getting motivated,’ resolutions, or even ‘just doing it.’ To make changes last, you need to stop fighting against your brain. When you start playing by your brain’s rules—as mini habits show you how to do—lasting change isn’t hard.”

~ Stephen Guise from Mini Habits

How’s your habit-building process working for you?

If you’ve stalled a few (hundred?) times, Mini Habits might be just the thing you’re looking for!

Stephen Guise tells us he stumbled upon this brilliant approach one fateful day when he couldn’t muster the motivation to work out for 30 minutes. So, after struggling with the unsuccessful torture of trying to rally, he gave up and decided to do just one push-up.

That push-up wasn’t so bad. It turned into another, and another. And, before he knew it, Stephen had completed his hoped-for 30 minute workout AND he’d discovered a magical approach to changing lives: the Mini Habit.

This is a great, quick-reading little book packed with practical wisdom I think you’ll dig.
(Get a copy here.)

It reminds me of the fun, uber-practical energy of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and Superhuman by Habit by Tynan with a splash of science from The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, Willpower by Roy Baumeister, and The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. (Check out the Notes on all of those in our growing Willpower collection!)

I’m excited to share some of my favorite Big Ideas so let’s jump straight in!

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