Organize Tomorrow Today

8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life
by Jason Selk and Tom Bartow | Da Capo Lifelong Books © 2015 · 240 pages

Jason Selk is one of the world’s leading peak performance/mental training experts. Tom Bartow is one of the world’s leading financial advisor trainers. Together they provide a manual on how to “start every day with more focus, confidence, and energy—by learning how to set the right priorities." Great stuff. Big Ideas we cover: Your 2 top questions for tomorrow, the Zeigarnik Effect, the importance of Nailing it, why fight-thrus are the key to creating habits, your new mental toughness workout, and repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition...

In our experience, those who enjoy the most success are the ones who do the best job prioritizing the day’s activities and accomplishing the most important tasks—not the greatest *number* of tasks.
Jason Selk and Tom Bartow

“In Organize Tomorrow Today, we’re going to show you how to embrace channel capacity instead of fighting against it. You’re going to learn how to make decisions, establish priorities, and light your own motivating fire instead of continuing to chase the counterintuitive concept of multitasking. Most people still seem to believe that being busy is the equivalent of being important, but the highly successful have learned that being busy is a waste of time: being productive is the goal.

… knowing something doesn’t change your life. Doing something does. Getting through this book (or a class) is one thing, but there’s a huge difference between acquiring information and understanding it. And there’s an even wider gap between understanding it and implementing it, or actually doing it. This is why there is such an emphasis in Organize Tomorrow Today to avoid trying to master all eight concepts at once. Doing so is a recipe for inaction and failure. Success comes one dedicated and focused step at a time.

The most successful people we see are the ones who take this information and use it in real life. Every day.

Follow the template, and you’re getting a playbook for speeding up the process of getting from information acquisition to skill implementation.

Jason and Tom call it the Owner’s Manual for Doers.”

~ Jason Selk and Tom Bartow with Matthew Rudy from Organize Tomorrow Today

This is the third Note I’ve created on one of Jason Selk’s books. The other two? 10-Minute Toughness and Executive Toughness.

I’m a huge fan of mental toughness training (see the growing collection of Notes) and Jason Selk is one of the world’s leading peak performance/mental training experts. In this book, he partners with Tom Bartow, one of the world’s leading financial advisor trainers.

Together, they give us some GREAT Ideas on how to, as the title suggests, “Organize Tomorrow Today.” But it’s more than that. My copy is nearly COMPLETELY marked up. It truly is an Owners’ Manual for Doers—to the point, easy to read and super practical. I highly recommend it. (Get a copy here.)

With that, let’s jump in and explore a few of my favorite Ideas!

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About the authors


Jason Selk

St. Louis Cardinals Mental Training Director | Owner of Enhanced Performance

Tom Bartow

One of the most creative and sought-after business coaches in the world.