Executive Toughness

The Mental-Training Program to Increase Your Leadership Performance
by Jason Selk | McGraw-Hill Education © 2011 · 224 pages

Jason Selk is one of the world’s leading peak performance experts. His tagline? “The relentless pursuit of greatness.” If that appeals to you, you’ll love this book. It’s *fantastic*! Big Ideas we explore include the difference between Process and Product Goals, a 100-second mental training workout, why your self-image matters and the REMARKABLE benefits of writing down your goals.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: The ability to focus on and execute solutions, especially in the face of adversity.
Jason Selk

“What you are about to read is intended to be a holy grail of developing mental toughness as it pertains to your high-level success as either an executive or someone who aspires to become one. Although this book is specifically geared toward improving your achievement in business, the tools and principles it provides mirror the same methodology I use to enhance performance for anyone—from some of the world’s finest athletes to the everyday individual trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or improve his or her personal relationships. The 10 mental toughness fundamentals presented in this book will work for you whether you are a high-level executive, entrepreneur, midlevel staffer, or independent contributor, because they translate Coach Wooden’s simple, time-tested philosophy of identifying and training the correct fundamentals needed for success.”

~ Jason Selk from Executive Toughness

Jason Selk is the director of mental training for the St. Louis Cardinals and one of the world’s leading peak performance coaches.

The tagline on his site captures the essence of his work: “The relentless pursuit of greatness.” <— I like it!

We featured another one of his great books, 10-Minute Toughness.

I really enjoyed 10-Minute Toughness and I liked Executive Toughness even more. It’s REALLY good. (Get the book here.)

Selk does a masterful job of helping us identify our purpose, connect that to our most important “product goals” and then connect *that* to our most important “process goals” so we can most effectively (and relentlessly!) pursue our greatness.

Tons of Big Ideas. Let’s jump straight in!

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Jason Selk

St. Louis Cardinals Mental Training Director | Owner of Enhanced Performance