Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

by Lisa Firestone, Robert W. Firestone and Joyce Catlett | New Harbinger Publications © 2002 · 214 pages

Do you have a critical inner voice? Join the club! :) This book is, as the title suggests, all about how we can conquer those little gremlins in our head. In the note, we explore Big Ideas on how to distinguish between the “real you” and the critical inner voice, challenge depression and live a good, examined life!

The guidelines and exercises provided in this book point you toward leading a better life by identifying the critical inner voice, understanding its sources, and then taking action against its dictates.
Robert W. Firestone, Lisa Firestone, Joyce Catlett

Conquer Your Inner Critical Voice can help you expose and challenge destructive ways of thinking that seriously impair your sense of self, your spirit, and your ability to achieve the things in life that matter most to you. Many limitations that people face in life are self-imposed and based on unrealistic and negative views they have of themselves and others. Therefore, the goals of this book are: (1) to illuminate the forces within us that contribute to many of our problems in living and that cause us much unnecessary pain and distress; and (2) to provide you with methods for challenging and modifying these forces so you can realize your own unique potentialities.”

~ Robert W. Firestone, Lisa Firestone, Joyce Catlett from Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

Will Bowen, the author of A Complaint Free World (see Notes) recommended this book so I thought I’d check it out. I’m happy I did!

It’s basically a workbook-like field manual filled with checklists and exercises to help us conquer our critical inner voice—helping us understand how it shows up in all aspects of our lives (from our careers to our intimate relationships) while giving us guidance on how to deal with it.

If you have a super-saucy inner critic rattling around up in your head, I think you might get a lot out of the book and exercises.

For now, let’s explore a few of my favorite Big Ideas!

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