Body Mind Mastery

Creating Success in Sports and Life
by Dan Millman | New World Library © 1999 · 208 pages

Dan Milllman's a former world champion gymnast and coach of the Stanford and Berkeley gymnastic teams whose got some Big Ideas on how to achieve Body, Mind and Spirit mastery. In this Note we explore a bunch of 'em including how to deal with the fear of failure, what we can learn from babies and how to build new habits as we become masters of our lives who shine everywhere!

“Whether you are a world-class competitor, weekend athlete, or fitness enthusiast, this book will help you overcome self-created hurdles and reawaken the natural athlete—the body mind master—inside you. Body Mind Mastery provides a clear map to a less stressful, more meaningful approach to practicing sport and life. It’s not about dedicating your life to your training but dedicating your training to your life.”

~ Dan Millman from Body Mind Mastery

Dan Millman is a former world-champion athlete and gymnastics coach at Stanford and UC Berkeley. He’s also a really cool, wise guy.

If you’ve read his classic, semi-autobiographical book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior (that was recently made into a cool movie starring Nick Nolte as Socrates), you know how Dan brilliantly weaves Western and Eastern thought into a practical philosophy for our modern lives.

This book is all about integrating our Body and Minds to create a deep sense of wholeness.

As Dan says: “You are a dynamic whole greater than the sum of your parts. By integrating your body, mind, and emotions through training, you reshape your life.”

You don’t need to be an athlete to dig the wisdom and I trust you’ll enjoy the Big Ideas I’ve selected to help us get our Body Mind Mastery on!

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Dan Millman

author, speaker, founder of Peaceful Warrior Seminars