Be Quick -- But Don't Hurry

Finding Success in the Teachings of a Lifetime
by Andrew Hill and John Wooden | Simon & Schuster © 2001 · 192 pages

Be quick!! But don't hurry. John Wooden repeat that all.the.time to his players in every.single.practice. We need to live with intensity (!), fully showing up and playing at the edge of our abilities WHILE staying centered. Andy Hill walks us through how he learned how to do that playing under Wooden during their dynasty days.

Be quick, but don’t hurry . . . and always be in balance.
Andrew Hill

“So now that I’ve briefly described my journey of discovery and rediscovery, it is time for me to share my ‘findings’ with you. These principles of coaching that were so unique to John Wooden are all ideas you can incorporate into your own life. I will try to share some examples of how these guidelines applied to the development of the amazing UCLA dynasty, as well as how I used these strategies (albeit unconsciously) to build a hugely successful business myself…

Coach’s philosophy is based on simplicity. Just like Coach Wooden, these secrets are understandable, accessible, and filled with simple truths. It is no coincidence that the secrets interconnect and overlap in a million different ways. They ultimately form a tight and potent system that has proven its success over long periods of time.”

~ Andrew Hill from Be Quick—But Don’t Hurry

Andy Hill was a high school basketball star who went to UCLA during their glory years hoping to make a big splash on Coach Wooden’s championship teams. Instead, he wound up sitting on the bench while becoming one of only a dozen or so people to ever win three NCAA Championships.

This book is part autobiography and part management book as Andy walks us through the lessons he learned playing for, arguably, the greatest coach in history.

Andy shares how, unbeknownst to him at the time as he rose in the business world (all the way to the head of CBS), the lessons he learned from Coach were guiding his leadership and management styles.

It’s a fun read packed with wisdom and, of course, great basketball + Wooden stories. I enjoyed it and think you will as well if you’re into sports and leadership. (Get a copy here.)

For now, I’m excited to share some of my favorite Big Ideas so let’s jump straight in!

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About the authors


Andrew Hill

Author, motivational speaker, and former basketball player.

John Wooden

Coach and Teacher