#1699 YOUR Super Bowl

Actualized vs. Entertained

I’m typing this at 6:51 a.m. the morning after the Super Bowl.

Emerson and Eleanor and I stayed up a little late (7:30 pm) watching the first half of the game. It was awesome.


Emerson just came into my office after waking up. I was meditating.

Although I was curious about who won, I hadn’t checked the score yet.



One of my top Work targets is “Creative Before Reactive.” That Heroic target along with “Focused on WIN” and “Deep Work” combine to help me show up with Heroic levels of productivity.

In short: I am more interested in winning MY ultimate “Super Bowl” than worrying about other people’s little “Super Bowls.”


Emerson cruises into my office.

He’s now wearing his mom’s Heroic t-shirts and looks like he grew a foot overnight.

Him: “Hey Daddy! Who won the Super Bowl?!”

Me: “I have no idea.”

Him: “I want to know who won!”

Me: “So do I. We’ll check it out after we dominate some creative work.”

Me: “Most people stayed up late last night and then woke up tired and spend too much time thinking about OTHER people’s Super Bowls.

Me: “We want to enjoy watching other people do great things but remember what OUR Super Bowls are all about and focus on THAT.”

Me: “Yah?”

Him: “Yah!”

Me: “You’ve got a big tournament coming up this weekend. THAT’s *YOUR* Super Bowl. Go put in some Deep Work on that then we’ll have fun seeing who won.”

Him: “Okay!”

Five minutes later he comes back in. I’m in the middle of writing this.

Him: “I did five minutes! Let’s check!”

Me: “Dude! Nice work! Go do another 10 minutes and we’ll check.”

Him: “Why can’t we check now? It won’t matter really!”

Me: “It will matter. Your brain will be distracted by thinking about that AND we want to work on your discipline which will ALWAYS be the biggest predictor of your success.”

Him: “Okay!”


That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s enjoy the wonderful opportunities to entertain ourselves in the modern world.


Let’s not get so distracted by all that entertainment that we fail to win the ultimate game of life.

It’s time to activate our Heroic potential by Focusing our Energy on What’s Important Now—all day every day.



P.S. Shout out to my friend Jeff—a big Heroic investor/supporter who went to the game with his wonderful wife and created some LIFETIME memories in the process!

Remember: We have bright lines so we know when to cross them!!

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