#1700 Go YOU!

And… Congrats Chiefs!

In our last +1, we talked about the Super Bowl.

The kids and I enjoyed watching the first half then went to bed. I very much enjoyed getting a 93 sleep score and waking up feeling Zesty and ready to dominate and win MY Super Bowl. 🤓


I love how Steven Pressfield puts it in Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be.

He tells us: “This is the day. There is no other day. This is the day. In other words, I release every thought that smacks of, ‘Maybe we can do this some other time.’ There is no other time. Today is the Super Bowl. Today is the day I give birth. Today is the day I die.”

Ryan Holiday comes to mind as well when I think about not caring about what most people care about.

In The Daily Stoic, he tells us: “One of the most powerful things you can do as a human being in our hyperconnected, 24/7 media world is say: ‘I don’t know.’ Or, more provocatively: ‘I don’t care.’ Most of society seems to have taken it as a commandment that one must know about every single current event, watch every episode of every critically acclaimed television series, follow the news religiously, and present themselves to others as an informed and worldly individual.

But where is the evidence that this is actually necessary? Is the obligation enforced by the police? Or is it that you’re afraid of seeming silly at a dinner party? Yes, you owe it to your country and your family to know generally about events that may directly affect them, but that’s about all.

How much more time, energy, and pure brainpower would you have available if you drastically cut your media consumption? How much more rested and present would you feel if you were no longer excited and outraged by every scandal, breaking story, and potential crisis (many of which never come to pass anyway)?”


After I wrote that last +1, I went to check in on Emerson. He was finishing his 15 minutes of puzzle work on a great site called Chess Tempo.

I watch him do a couple puzzles.

I savor him and his awesomeness with proud dad joy.


We chat about WHY we delayed our gratification (never forget: discipline outpredicts IQ for academic performance (and everything else!) by a factor of TWO!)…


We check out the game results.

It looks like it was an exciting game!


I have to admit I’m slightly disappointed that the 49ers didn’t win as I grew up in California loving Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and I love Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy beating the odds (and dominating his sleep)!


Go Chiefs! 👏



It’s Day 1.

We’re ALL IN.

Let’s go win our Super Bowl, Hero!!

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