#1698 Micro Data

To Get a Little Better

This morning Emerson came into my office to sync his Oura ring.

I LOVE it when he does that.

It’s only a few minutes but my goodness do I love and look forward to those micro-moments of awesome.


This morning I spent the few seconds it takes to tell him I love him by plugging in his charger thing.

He cruises into my office.

I’m still meditating.

He sets his ring on the charger then jumps up to join me on the PEMF machine thing where I’m meditating.

His legs are so ridiculously long (and lean!). They make me smile.

I grab him close and give him a side-cuddle bear hug.

I love that boy…


The Oura data finishes syncing.

He’s an 84/84.

He missed getting the “crown” Oura gives you at 85.

Him: “Ah! I want a crown!”

Me: “Yah! I like to get those, too. You were super close!”

Then we 1-2-3ed it.

First, I told him that it could be a LOT worse. He could have Covid or something and have a 44 readiness.

Me: “How would THAT feel?!”

Him: “Terrible!! I’d probably still be in bed feeling sick.”

Me: “Totally. Lucky you.”

Then I told him it could be EVEN worse! He could not even be alive!


Yes, memento mori is a part of our practice.

We both celebrated the precious gift that is simply being alive.

Part 1: Celebrate what’s awesome.

Now for the next step to see what needs work.

Me: “What do you think led to the slightly higher resting heart rate that led to the slightly lower Readiness score?”

Him: “Hmmm. 🤔 Well… I did eat a little later.”

Me: “Yah. That will do it. And you did go to Whole Foods and have that white chocolate that can move the numbers around a bit, eh?”

Me: “I also wonder if you might be just a little dehydrated. You drink enough water yesterday?”

Him: “I’m not sure.”

Me: “Perfect. We can try that, eh? Well, now we’ve celebrated something and found something that might need a little work… What do you think you can do a little differently today?

Him: “I’ll drink more water!”

Me: “Perfect!! That’s how you use ALL the data we get to get a little better!”

Him: “Awesome!”

Me: “I love you, Buddy.”


That’s Today’s +1.

Here’s to using ALL the micro-data in our lives to joyfully get a little better.

Bonus points for doing it TOGETHER.

Quadruple bonus points for doing it with the next generation of heroes.

Day 1. All in.


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