#1674 Your Prior Best (Part USMNT)

Is It Your Baseline Yet?

As you know if you’ve been following along, we launched our book Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential on November 14th.

The weekend before we released the book we had a little book launch party in Austin and celebrated with a couple hundred Heroes.


The weekend featured some wisdom from me and some chats with some of my wisest friends including Mark Divine and Hal Elrod.


Just to make sure we all had a good, Heroic time, we had three THOUSAND pounds of ice delivered to our hotel and brought up to the rooftop pool deck so we could all have some fun doing a Wim Hof-inspired cold plunge together.

Special thanks to my dear friend Jeff Everage who led us in the cold plunge experience. Jeff’s a Heroic Coach (and investor) who also happens to be a former Navy SEAL who did a fantastic job getting us fired up and freezing. 🔥🥶 (Hah.)

btw: Jeff is ALSO helping us craft our Heroic Workshop Facilitator training program. If you’d like to become certified in giving Heroic Workshops, you can learn more here.


As it turns out, the US Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) happened to be staying in the SAME hotel we were in. They were in Austin to play a game the following week and they were LITERALLY right next door.


I texted my friend John Herdman, who won a couple Olympic medals coaching the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team before taking over the Canadian Men’s National Team before taking over the head coaching responsibilities at Toronto FC (where we’re in the process of rolling out Heroic, btw).

I asked John if he knew anyone on the USMNT.

He replied immediately and said that he knew their Head Coach, Gregg Berhalter. Then he text-connected us.

Gregg and I connected immediately and got together the very next day. We hit it off.

He invited me to talk to his team the following night before their big game.

Of course, I accepted.

It was (goosebumps) AWESOME.

The theme of my talk?

As you’d expect, I talked about our 7 Objectives with an emphasis on Forging Antifragile Confidence along with Heroic strength for two 334,233,854 as the guys go ALL IN seeing if they can win the World Cup on home turf in 2026.


Gregg told me that his favorite part of my talk was the Josh Waitzkin-inspired idea that we need to MAKE OUR PRIOR BEST OUR NEW BASELINE.


That’s Today’s +1.

Take a moment and think back to a time when you were at your ABSOLUTE best.

What were you DOING?


What were you NOT DOING?


Are you CURRENTLY doing the things you did when you were at your prior best OR did you let those gains slip?

Know this…

The best among us NEVER give up those gains.

That’s what makes them the very best.

And that’s what WE need to do if we’re going to activate OUR Heroic potential.


What’s ONE THING you did when you were at your best that you’re not currently doing that you know you could be doing that would most positively impact your life if you started doing it again?

Got it.



Reinstall that habit.

Make your prior best your new baseline.

Starting TODAY.

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