#1675 “Dude! Sleep Is a Sport”

Are You Playing It?

In our last +1, we chatted about our Areté book launch party and my serendipitous connection with Gregg Berhalter and his US Men’s National Soccer Team.

I was blessed to have an opportunity to talk to the team the night before their big game and I mentioned the fact that Gregg told me his favorite part of my talk was the idea that we need to make our PRIOR BEST our NEW BASELINE.

Then I challenged you to start systematically doing that.

Did you take the first step by identifying the ONE THING you KNOW you could be doing to most positively impact your life?

If so, high fives!!

Way to move from Theory to Practice en route to Mastery.


If not, LET’S GO!!

It’s time to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.


Since that weekend, Gregg and I have become text buddies and he was gracious enough to introduce me when I gave a talk in Chicago.

On that note…

Check out his HILARIOUS introduction of me here.

(And watch my full conversation with Matt McCall from that night here as well.)

(Special thanks to Dina and Kay for making the event happen! You two rock.)


That’s not quite what I want to talk about.

This is…

When we first connected, Gregg and I geeked out on all things mental toughness and peak performance including data from our Oura rings on heart rate variability and the power of cold plunges, sleep, etc.


I thought of him when I discovered an article on The Athletic on Brock Purdy and how HE and his San Francisco 49ers teammates approach THEIR sleep.

Check out The Athletic article here: On Brock Purdy’s quick recovery, his mental sharpness and the 49ers’ power of sleep.

It’s a BRILLIANT look at how some ELITE athletes use their sleep protocol to activate their Heroic potential.

Here’s how it starts:

The secrets to Brock Purdy’s speedier-than-expected recovery from elbow surgery: a strict diet, proper hydration and sleep — longer, sounder, more therapeutic sleep than the San Francisco 49ers quarterback ever had gotten before.

“Going into surgery, the doctor was telling me the importance of sleep,” Purdy said. “My teammates, guys who had been through injuries like mine, were telling me, ‘Dude, sleep is going to be your best friend.’ And so I made it a priority. That was No. 1 on my list.”

That’s our +1.

I’m telling you…

“DUDE! Sleep needs to be your best friend.”

Have you made it a priority?

Let’s make it #1 on our list.


High fives and zzzz’s!

🙌 😴

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