#1673 The Ground Punch

What’s Yours? (Here's Mine)

In our last +1, we had fun hanging out with my friend Todd Herman, Superman, and Clark Kent as we explored an idea from his great book called The Alter Ego Effect.

Quick recap (remembering that REPETITION is the engine of Mastery!)…

Pop Quiz…

“Everyone knows that Superman and Clark Kent are the same. But which one is the alter ego?”


The alter ego isn’t Superman; it’s Clark Kent. Remember that you, Superyou, is the real you. Quit fumbling around.

Today I want to chat about Todd’s new podcast.

It’s called “Ground Punch.”


The basic idea?

You know those scenes in a superhero movie where the hero is getting their butt kicked and we’re all starting to wonder whether or not they’re going to be able to show up and make it through the challenge?


RIGHT when things are looking most bleak and you think THIS might be the time your hero finally fails…

They kinda hit a point where they’ve had enough and…

Our Hero pulls it together and often does an insanely empowering GROUND PUNCH to summon all of their latent power to turn the tide and win the battle?


Todd interviews people about a time in their lives when they were facing significant challenges and needed to muster all the power they had.

THAT’s what his upcoming “Ground Punch” series is all about.

He and I had a great chat about some of MY biggest challenges and how I responded to them. I wound up juxtaposing a challenge I faced decades ago and how I struggled to respond to that with a challenge I faced more recently and how I used it to forge antifragile confidence.

But that’s not quite what I want to talk about Today.

Today I want to chat about what specifically we can do when we (inevitably) feel a little wobbly or find ourselves straying from our protocol a little more than we like so we can reclaim our agency and get back on track.

Here’s what I like to do…

At this stage, I’m a pretty disciplined guy and I no longer have kryptonite behaviors that completely derail my efforts for any extended periods of time.

Yet, alas…

I’m not perfect and tragically won’t be the first perfect human being. (Hah.)

The good news is that my kryptonites are more subtle these days and tend to be related to going off my nutrition and sleep protocols a bit and then feeling a bit lethargic the following morning.


I REALLY like feeling REALLY good so, when I eat a little off menu and/or stay up a little late and all that and then, as a result, wake up feeling less sharp than I’d like, I tend to get pleasantly annoyed with myself. 🤓


I like to give myself a little GROUND PUNCH.


Well, I tend to do the cold plunge in the afternoon but my favorite way to reboot and give myself a little ground punch is to go hop in the cold plunge on those mornings when I’m a little less than what I want to be and then stay in there for an extra minute or so. (Hah.)

It’s the PERFECT way (for me!) to playfully yet powerfully reassert my agency/mastery of myself WHILE giving my brain and nervous system a powerful little reboot.

Today’s +1.

How about YOU?

What’s YOUR Ground Punch?

What’s ONE little thing YOU can do on those days when you need to let your little, less-than-Heroic self know who’s in charge?

Got it?


Use it the next time you need it.

Day 1. All in.


P.S. Ground Punches are a GREAT way to dominate “Rebound Days.

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