#717 Your Daimon Zone

See You There!!

A few +1s ago, we spent some time in your Genius Zone. Today I want to revisit that wonderful spot and talk a little more about how to spend more time there.

But, first, let’s rename it.

Genius Zone is, of course, very cool. That’s what the Romans would have called it.

But, you know what the Greeks would have called it? Your Daimon Zone.

Daimon. Genius.

As we’ve discussed, they basically mean the same thing.

Both the Greeks and the Romans believed we had a little (shall we say!) invisible mini-me that guides us all day every day. As we discuss ALL.THE.TIME, the whole point of life (and of all our work together) is, basically, to LISTEN to that inner guide. (High five that inner soul, yo!)


How about a new name for that zone when we’re at our best: Daimon Zone.

We want to spend a LOT more time there than in our other Zones.

Let’s draw a little square with four quadrants so we can picture it a little more clearly.

Today’s +1.

If you feel so inspired, do a quick inventory of where you spend your time.

How much time do you spend doing stuff you’re not that great at? That you’re OK at? That you’re pretty good at?

And… How much time do you spend doing the stuff that allows you to be UNIQUELY AWESOME?!!

Of course, this will mean different things for all of us and, IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re never going to spend 100% of our time in any of those Zones.

But… How can you more consciously spend just a little more time in your Daimon Zone?

… Today!!!

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