#716 Leonidas + Little Leo

The (Johnson) Optimizing Game

Not too long ago, I introduced you to Leonidas—my Spartan sweatband. Yes, I realize it’s ridiculous that I wear this all day every day. That’s the whole point. (Hah.)

Today I want to introduce you to Little Leo.

You’ll find him on Emerson’s wrist.

His Spartan sweatband is red. Mine is blue.

(For curious souls: You get these sweatbands when you do a Spartan Race with the competitive folks. A red one for the short “Sprint” distance. A blue one for the longer “Super” distance. And a green one for the even longer “Beast.”)


I wear my wristband.

Emerson wears his.

I’m not sure who came up with it, but, if one of us gets a little Whinysaurus Rex (hah) then we need to switch the sweatband from one wrist to the other and bang out some burpees. Emerson does 5 burpees. I do 11.


We also start each day by tapping our respective Leos together and saying, “Today’s going to be great! Let’s be Spartan strong!”


Yes, that’s like us. 🤓 😍

Today’s +1.

Wonder: How can you and your kids (if you have them!) have fun being awesome together?

Burpees optional. Smiles mandatory.

Let’s make it all one big game.

And play it well.

+1. +1. +1.

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