#1656 “What Was I Thinking?”

“Yep. That I Love You.”

A couple +1s ago, we had a chat about Emerson and his Oura scores and my MICRO act of love in the form of plugging in his charger so he wouldn’t have to.

That little act literally only takes me 15 seconds. It’s absurdly easy to do. And, as Jim Rohn would say, it is EQUALLY easy NOT to do.

He calls that “The Two Easies.”

Easy to do. Easy not to do.

A good, noble, Heroic life is built by doing those easy things all day every day.

ESPECIALLY on the days when (insert whiney voice!) you don’t *feel* like it.


I actually drafted those +1s BEFORE my meditation and BEFORE Emerson came into my office for that morning’s Oura sync of awesome.

After he dropped his ring on the charger and came up to sit next to me on our PEMF machine where I meditate, I told him about the +1s I drafted and the fact that I spend that little amount of time to plug in his charger.

Then I asked him…

“Do you know what I’m thinking about when I do that?”

He said he wasn’t sure.

I asked him to spend a moment thinking about what I might be thinking about as I plugged in his charger.

He sat in silence thinking about it.

Then he sat longer as he contemplated what I was thinking about.

As he CONTINUED to scrunch his face in contemplation, I admired his remarkable ability to STICK with something and actually THINK about it deeply.

He does the same thing in chess when his coach challenges him with a complex puzzle. He’ll literally sit there in silence for MINUTES trying to figure it out.

We’ll talk about that quality—what Tom Morris brilliantly describes as “intellectual persistence” in another +1.

For now…

I asked Emerson again…

“So… What do you think I am thinking about as I plug in your charger?”

He said…

“That you love me?”

To which I said (with tears in my eyes then and now)…

“EXACTLY, buddy. I’m thinking about how much I love you when I do that.”

“Then I think about how much I’ll enjoy connecting with you when you come into my office. It’s one of my absolute favorite things in the day.”

I could FEEL the mutual micro-moment of positivity resonance Barbara Fredrickson talks about in Love 2.0.

Then I continued…

“I wonder if we could try to find ways to do tiny little nice things for Mommy and Eleanor and each other every day!”

Me: “What do you think?”

Him: “YES!!”

That’s Today’s +1.

Me: “I wonder if we could try to find ways to do tiny little nice things for the people in our lives every day! What do you think?!?”

You: “… ?!?”

Day 1. All in.


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