#1657 Vow → Wow

Make One to Get the Other

In our last +1, we had a little chat with Emerson about finding little ways to show our loved ones we love them while reflecting on just how much we love them AS we do that tiny act of love.

Right after Emerson and I had that sweet little interaction, he looked at my whiteboard and said: “What’s a VOW?”

Note: As you may have guessed, I currently have “VOW” written in HUGE letters at the top of my whiteboard. 🤓

I told him that a vow is a VERY (!!) deep commitment to someone or something.

I told him that I made a VOW to his Mommy that I would do my best to support her and not give up on our relationship when it got hard.

Then I told him that I also made a VOW to the people who have supported us by investing in Heroic to do my best to make them proud and not give up when things get hard.

Then he said…

“VOW kinda looks like WOW.”

To which I said…

“Hah. That’s right. It does. And, you know what? Making a VOW to do something as well as you can is pretty much exactly how you create a WOW in your life.”


THAT, my dear friend, is Today’s +1.

Want a WOW?

Make a VOW.


Want a WOW in some aspect of your life?

Get clear on what WOW would look like—whether that’s in your Energy, Work, or Love.

Got it?


Make a VOW to yourself that you will figure out what price you need to pay to create that WOW and…

Go pay it.



When you INEVITABLY feel like giving up when it INEVITABLY gets hard and is no longer “fun”…


And get back to work to create your WOW.



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