#1504 Victory Favors the Fearless

Fear and Laziness and You

Not too long ago, we did a deep dive on some of the wisdom from Darrin Donnelly’s GREAT “Sports for the Soul” series.

As I said a number of times, I read all six books in the series in a week.

Check out the Notes on Think Like a Warrior, Old School Grit, Relentless Optimism, Victory Favors the Fearless, Life to the Fullest, and The Turnaround.

Today we’re going to kick off an exploration of some wisdom from Victory Favors the Fearless.

This inspiring, quick-reading little fable features a boxer who goes from down and out to heavyweight champion after he meets the perfect mentor who teaches him how to conquer the seven fears that hold us back.

It’s fantastic.

We’ll talk about the seven fears that are holding us back in our next +1.

For now, let’s start with WHY we need to conquer our fears.

Darrin tells us: “Your fears hold you back from living the life you were born to live. If you’re ever going to achieve success, happiness, and peace of mind, you must first defeat your fears.

Fear is the strong, unpleasant emotion that expects something bad to happen. It is the root cause of every negative thought that eats away at your self-confidence and every worry that keeps you up at night.”

He continues by saying: “Fear is the voice that makes you doubt yourself. It is the voice that tells you to quit, that you shouldn’t bother trying, and that you don’t have what it takes to be successful.

Being in a state of fear makes you tight, timid, and indecisive. It makes you worry incessantly about all the things that could go wrong in the future.”

And: “Whenever you find yourself worrying, stressing, procrastinating, or questioning your potential—fear is getting the best of you. The good news is that fear can be defeated. You can win the inner battle against fear.”

That’s Today’s +1.

To defeat an enemy and/or solve a problem, first we need to IDENTIFY it.



Pause and reflect on your relationship with fear.

Can you see the truth in Darrin’s words that “Whenever you find yourself worrying, stressing, procrastinating, or questioning your potential—fear is getting the best of you”?


Any time I think of fear, Phil Stutz’s voice pops up in my head.

He tells us (quoting one of HIS favorite teachers—Rudolf Steiner) that human beings need to deal with TWO major things if we want to have a great life…


If we can’t get comfortable being uncomfortable as we embrace the fact that our INFINITE potential exists OUTSIDE our comfort zone (which, I REPEAT!), by DEFINITION feels uncomfortable, then we’re going to struggle.

Which is why we need to practice saying “BRING IT ON!” to all the inevitable pain and uncertainty in our lives.


If we can’t get ourselves to actually DO the things we KNOW we need to do to live a life of deep meaning and purpose and integrity , then we’re going to struggle.

Which is why self-mastery is so highly-correlated to our well-being and success in life and why we need to cultivate our structural, reactive and expansive disciplines.

Here’s to conquering our fear and laziness with COURAGE and SELF-MASTERY.


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