#1505 The 7 Fears

We Must Conquer

In our last +1, we talked about fear and laziness and I promised that we’d talk about the seven fears that Darrin Donnelly tells us we must conquer in his great sports fable, Victory Favors the Fearless.

Let’s get straight to work.

Darrin tells us: “There are seven common fears you must learn to defeat if you want to live a happy and successful life:

1) The fear of what other people think.
2) The fear of change.
3) The fear of making the wrong decision.
4) The fear of missing out on something better.
5) The fear of not being good enough.
6) The fear of failure being permanent.
7) The fear of being ‘due’ for a setback.

“In some form or another,” Darrin tells us, “every major worry and self-destructive thought is rooted in one of these seven fears.”


Again: It’s what’s holding you (and me, and all of us!) back from living the life you (and I and all of us!) were born to live.

In previous books, Darrin recommends we check out Stan Beecham’s brilliant book, Elite Minds.

You know what Dr. Beecham tells us?

As we’ve discussed…

He tells us: “Fear is your real opponent. It’s all about fear. If you kill fear, you win. If you kill fear, you have your best year ever. If you kill fear, you train like a madman. If you kill fear, you go to college for free. If you kill fear, you stand on the podium, you get paid, and you have strangers walk up to you and call you by name. When fear dies, you begin to live.”

And: “Fear is keeping you from reaching your potential. Conquering fear should be your primary goal in life.”

Each of the seven fears gets its own chapter—brilliantly interwoven with seven rounds of our Hero’s championship fight.

At the end of the book, we get an affirmation to help us conquer each of the seven fears.

Here they are:

1) To deal with the fear of what other people think, we affirm: “I am listening to my heart and living my God-given purpose. I have the power to succeed.”

2) To deal with the fear of change, we affirm: “I seek victory by changing and growing.”

3) To deal with the fear of making the wrong decision, we affirm: “There is no such thing as certainty, I move forward by attacking, adapting, and learning as I go.”

4) To deal with the fear of missing out on something better, we affirm: “I am all in. I am moving forward with grit and perseverance. Success does not require shortcuts; success requires total commitment.”

5) To deal with the fear of not being good enough, we affirm: “I have the power to determine what I deserve. The bigger I dream and the harder I work, the higher I will climb.”

6) To deal with the fear of failure being permanent, we affirm: “Because I failed, I am stronger and wiser than ever before. Get up and keep fighting.”

7) To deal with the fear of being due for a setback, we affirm: “I am blessed, I am strong, I am protected by God. Great things are coming my way.”

Me: 😲 🤯


That’s Today’s +1.

The seven fears.

Let’s conquer them.


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