#1642 Toilet Paper (Part E2)

The Practice Continues!

Toilet paper rolls seem to have become a surprisingly prominent part of my life.

Especially my parenting life.

Laughing but it’s true.

We talked about Emerson’s Kramer-like intensity in this +1 that also made it into my book.

As you may recall, I discussed the fact that Emerson has a lot of energy. And, for whatever reason, every time he goes #2 in the bathroom, he somehow manages to launch the toilet paper roll off its little holder and the toilet paper somehow manages to wind up strewn across the floor.

As discussed, my Toilet Paper Roll 101 lectures didn’t have the intended effect.

I used to get annoyed every time I saw the toilet paper on the ground.

Then I trained myself to alchemize that cue/trigger/prompt from being a source of annoyance to being an opportunity to appreciate the fact that I have an incredible, fast-growing (he’s almost as tall as his mom!), super-energized, brilliant little boy who is quickly becoming a young man who will soon NEVER leave the toilet paper on the bathroom floor again.

I’m DEFINITELY not ready for THAT.


I want to use EVERY opportunity I can to remember just how blessed I am to have a healthy little boy and how quickly he’s growing up, etc.


Apparently Eleanor inherited the same Toilet Paper gene as well. 😂


This morning, as I picked up her toilet paper roll from the bathroom floor it hit me just how easy it is for me these days to INSTANTLY smile when I see the cue/trigger/prompt of that toilet paper roll.


I knew I needed to create this +1.

Here’s the practical application for Today…

What tiny little thing does one of YOUR loved ones do that currently annoys you way more than it should?

It could be leaving the dishes out or the laundry on the ground or the toilet paper on the bathroom floor.

What is it?

Think of ONE thing ONE loved one does.

Got it?



Imagine that “annoying” thing no longer in your life.

… Along with that person who does that “annoying” thing no longer being there to do that thing.


COMMIT to using that currently annoying behavior as a cue/trigger/prompt to APPRECIATE how absolutely blessed you are to have that perfectly imperfect human being in your life.

Let’s practice our philosophy.


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