#1641 Make Your Heroes Proud

How Will YOU Today?

In our last couple +1s, we talked about our favorite heroes.

Mine are Epictetus and Phil Stutz plus Marcus Aurelius and John Mackey—two teachers and two leaders who express qualities I aspire to embody and express.

Mark Divine’s two favorite heroes are King Leonidas and Jesus—two warriors who expressed the qualities HE aspires to embody and express.

I repeat…

Who are YOUR heroes?

What qualities do THEY embody and what did they DO that inspires YOU to show up as your best?

Think about that.

Then, if you feel so inspired, spend some more time thinking about that so you can TRULY answer those questions.

Got it?



Bring those heroes to mind RIGHT NOW.

Feel their presence in your mind.

Thank them for their inspiration and embodiment of the ideals you aspire to embody.


Ask them what wisdom they would like to share with you today.

Got it?


Now go live in integrity with that wisdom.


When you’re at a choice point today—deciding whether you’re going to close the gap and live with virtue or leave that gap wide open and live with vice, bring your heroes to mind.

And make them proud.


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