#1565 Areté +1° #191: Time Blocks

The #1 Power Tool For Great Days

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This idea is called…


Gary Keller created the largest real estate agency in the world.

He also wrote a great book called The ONE Thing in which he tells us how he achieved his extraordinary success.

As per the subtitle of the book, he shares: “The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.”

That surprisingly simple truth?


He tells us that we need to ruthlessly focus on what’s most important. He takes the 80/20 principle to the extreme and has us tighten our focus until we get to the ONE Thing that drives the whole show.

Then he has you ruthlessly focus on what you need to do TODAY to make that ONE Thing a reality—knocking over the next domino in a chain of dominoes that inevitably leads to the outcome you’re looking for.

Of course, just figuring out what your ONE Thing is (over the long run and for today) obviously takes clear thinking and demands some Deep Work to get that clarity.

Which leads us to the #1 practical tip Gary shares.

He calls it the #1 “power tool” of time management.

What is it? Time Blocking.

Basic idea: Create a block of time in which you eliminate ALL distractions. Focus on whatever you decided is THE most important thing.

Then we make a habit of doing that. Every. Single. Day.

Time Blocking. If you want to activate your Heroic potential, it’s a must.

It’s obvious how powerful this can be for Work. It’s less obvious just how powerful this can be with Love.

I personally have a dedicated Deep Work Time Block EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Right after my meditation, I show up and hit my most important win in a 30-60-90-minute, creative-before-reactive Deep Work session.

It’s my secret weapon for Heroic productivity. You couldn’t pay me to not do it. With rare (but important) exceptions, I hit this every morning.

For Love, I like to create Time Blocks every weeknight after my shutdown complete to spend with the kids. No phone. No distractions. Just me and the family. I like to create even BIGGER Time Blocks on the weekends.

These are my secret weapons for Heroic connection.

How about YOU?

How can you step up your Time Block game in both your Work and your Love?

Get on that.


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