#1648 “This Is THE Most Important Thing…

I Will Do All Day”

I just banged out a set of 11 burpees—bringing me to 77 by the end of my AM1 Deep Work block and giving me a chance to hit the target swipe…

🎯 77 burpees by end of AM1

As I did each rep in that set of 11 burpees, I said to myself: “This is THE most important thing I will do all day.”

I say that to myself when I’m doing the dishes as well.

And when I’m hanging out with the kids or jumping on the trampoline or finishing a hidden objects puzzle with them.

It’s what I say to myself when I work on a +1 like this and when I, in my Heroically enlightened moments, remember to deliberately Focus my Energy on What’s Important Now—KNOWING that THIS MOMENT and whatever I’ve decided to do is always THE most important thing I’ll do all day.

That’s our +1.

Here’s to doing the most important thing.

All day.

Every day.



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