#1647 Get Knocked Out?

It’s Part of the Deal

In our last couple +1s, we used the modern expression of the ancient art of pankration to make some philosophical points.

Recall: Magic Moments and ONE More Punch.

Let’s head back to UFC Austin.

We’re front row.

There’s another pair of warriors IN THE ARENA literally marred with Roosevelt’s “sweat and blood.”

One of them is another one of Ed’s fighters.

This time he doesn’t make a miraculous comeback.

He gets knocked out.

I feel his pain.

I feel what I would imagine to be Ed Soares’s pain seeing one of his fighters get knocked out.

We chat about it.


Ed has worked with HUNDREDS of mixed martial artists and watched THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of fights. (I think we calculated over 10,000 over the last x decades.)

His response to his fighter getting knocked out?

He’s compassionate, of course.


He has ZERO emotion about it.

He simply shrugs and says: “It’s part of the deal.”

Goosebumps yet again…

That’s Today’s +1….

Get knocked out lately?

With wisdom, discipline, love and courage I say…


It’s part of the deal.

I’m proud of you for being in the arena.


Get back up off the mat.

Dust yourself off.

Use the experience as data-fuel to forge your antifragile confidence.

Double down on your protocol.

And give us all you’ve got…


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