#1649 Fitbit Triggers

How Are Your Cue/Trigger/Prompts?

Right after finishing that set of burpees (tied for an infinite number of firsts as the most important thing I did all day!), I went to the bathroom.

I saw Emerson’s Fitbit sitting where he left it last night. I picked it up and brought it to him.

Me: “Hey, buddy! Here’s your Fitbit.”

Emerson: “Thanks!”

Me: “You want to put it somewhere right where you’ll see it first thing in the morning. You know why?”

Emerson: “So I remember to put it on?”

Me: “Exactly. That’s what habit guys call a trigger or a cue or a prompt. When you SEE it, you’ll remember to do what you want to do. Make sense?”

Emerson: “YES!”

Me: “That works for EVERYTHING in our lives.”

Emerson: “Awesome!”

Me to YOU: “What habit do YOU want to install? Have you made the cue/trigger/prompt as OBVIOUS as you possibly can?!”

Remember the B = MAP wisdom from Tiny Habits.

It ALL starts with the cue/trigger/prompt.

No cue/trigger/prompt, no behavior.

How can you +1 yours today?!

Get on that.

Let’s go!

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