#1653 The Tiny Things

As Micro-Acts of Love

In our last +1, we had a quick chat about how we’re using Emerson’s new Oura ring to make the connection between the behaviors we engage in and the downstream quantifiable data we get reflecting the consequences of those decisions.

More specifically, we chatted about our late-night trip to a basketball game and the subsequent diminution in Deep Sleep and all that.

(Go Bulls!)

Today I want to chat about a super-simple little thing I do every morning as a tiny little act of love.

Quick context…

Emerson doesn’t have a smartphone yet and won’t for the foreseeable future.

RADICALLY limiting his screen time has been a VERY deliberate parenting choice Alexandra and I made when he and Eleanor were born.

We believe that our kids’ ability to, as the scientists say, shine the spotlight of their attention where they want, when they want, for how long they want, is one of THE most important skills they will ever have and we believe that excessive screen time diminishes that capacity. Therefore, we’ve deliberately, radically limited their screen time.

Side note: Emerson now spends a lot of time using his computer to study and play chess online. But that (and some occasional Ninjago and Wild Kratts cartoons he watches with Eleanor!) is about all he uses a screen for. I believe this is strongly correlated to his current proficiency in chess.


We set up his Oura ring to sync with my batphone—a little iPhone I use when I’m with the kids. Only Alexandra has the number. With my batphone, I can stay connected with her while leaving my work phone at home to be more present with the kids.

(Note to self: Remember to leave work phone at home more often when with kids!)


Every morning since he got his Oura ring Emerson comes in to my office and we have a few minutes of awesome connection as we sync his data and chat about the details of what we’re seeing.

It’s been an incredibly fun way to create a micro-moment of awesome while chatting about the data and seeing what we can learn as we 1-2-3 it, making little distinctions that can help us optimize, etc.


That’s not quite the point of Today’s +1.

This is…

I plug my Oura ring charger-sync-thing into a charger-outlet-thing on the side of my desk. There are two charger-port-things. I use one of them for my Suunto watch (which I charge every morning while I meditate) and the other for my Oura ring.

When I’m done syncing my Oura scores, I unplug MY charger and plug HIS charger thing in.

It’s the tiniest little thing but I’ve started using it as a deliberate, tiny little act of love.

As I spend the 15 seconds it takes to unplug my charger-sync thing and plug in his (so HE doesn’t have to!), I think about my fast-growing special little boy coming in to my office and having a great little interaction.

It makes me smile every time I do it and gives me goosebumps right now as I type that.

Again, it’s such a TINY little thing but it’s also such a POWERFUL little thing for me.

THAT’s our +1.

What TINY little thing(s) can YOU do as a micro-act of love for YOUR loved ones today?

Get on that.

And make Today another GREAT day.

+1 LOVE! +1 LOVE! +1 LOVE!

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